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ToMarket is excited to announce the recent launch of Baby Speak – now available on Android and iPhones/iPads.

Baby Speak now available on iTunes

As your child begins to grow, crawl and walk – they also begin attempting to communicate with you. Sometimes children know what they want to say, but they just haven’t learned how to talk yet. Often, this can become frustrating for children… and their parents! Baby Speak can help! This unique app features 26 essential words for children and their parents to use when communicating with each other. Parents will have access to some of the most common words children want to use when they are learning to speak.

When toddlers are unable to effectively verbally communicate their wants and needs, they may exhibit behaviour problems as a way to express themselves. For example, imagine a child sitting in his high chair. He is finished eating, but has not yet developed the ability to say “all done”. He might communicate that he is finished by throwing food on the floor, whining, or crying. With Baby Speak, this child could be prompted to tap “all done” as an alternative to engaging in disruptive behaviour.

Baby Speak now available on iTunes

With Baby Speak, your child will have access to important first words, such as: Yes…No…More…Help…All Done—all creatively designed with colourful illustrations to capture your child’s interest. Baby Speak is easy to use. It displays 26 “first words” which are paired with a corresponding picture. You and/or your child can tap on the image, and it will speak the word in a natural, clear-sounding child’s voice. Not only can Baby Speak assist your child in communicating and interacting with you; it can help your child begin the process of learning to talk. Baby Speak was proudly developed by parents for parents!

Features of Baby Speak:

  • Available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
  • Can be presented in single-word format, word-pairs, or 4 words per page.
  • Recorded voice with excellent speech clarity and voice quality.
  • Easily navigate from page to page by touching the bars located at each side of the screen or the ‘home’ page button.
  • Clear and simple visuals

ToMarket Inc. recently sold its interest in five iPhone/iPad app development and sales companies. Below is a sample of the companies ToMarket Inc., has been directly involved with in producing and marketing Apps.

  • Good Pants Inc – Gaming Apps which includes:
    Trash Talk, Golf Bucks, Enchanted Cave, Text Mate, and Legends of Helga
  • Happy App Co. – Business to Business Apps which includes:
    Cookbookie, Canadian Mountain Parks Companion, Will Kit, and Fit 4 Life
  • Area 19 Inc – Medical App Division
    CMR Atlas
  • Compu Hyper Mega Global Corp. – World Explorer for MineCraft
  • Glasses and Ink – iBook Publisher for iTunes and Amazon
    Mine Craft Strategy Guide, The Complete iPad Guide, and The Complete Baby Schedule

Do you have an idea for an App – are you looking for an App developer or Partner? Drop us a line at:

World Explorer – Made for MineCraft

Build, play and explore MineCraft worlds. Sounds easy? it is! MineCraft World Explorer (MCWE) has been especially designed for iPad and iPhone, with the ability to work with your existing PC/MAC MineCraft levels. It’s insanely addictive – easy to start, but impossible to stop.

MineCraft is a worldwide phenomena with over 1,000,000 happy miners – finally you can build,
play, mine and explore your 3D worlds on your iPad and iPhone.

Trash Talk

Do you know someone who is blatantly rude but isn’t aware of it and no one wants to tell them? Trash Talk – Vent Anonymously will send your messages anonymously via email or SMS.

What about the guy who always hogs the ball during your basketball games? Perhaps you have a secret crush, but you’re too shy to say anything.

With Trash Talk – Vent Anonymously those days are over. Let the rude person know just how rude they are, and have a flatulence free office. Tell the basketball hog to let others have the ball and showcase your own basketball skills. Even declare your feelings to your secret crush. Yeah, this sounds great, so what’s the catch? There’s no catch! Simply select a message and enter an email address or mobile number, or even select from your contact list and viola! Your message is sent and the receiver will never know who sent it.

Banff Mountain Guide

Truly the perfect companion for anyone wishing to fully experience the grandeur of the Canadian Rockies within Banff National Park.

Filled with information from Dave Birrell – a geophysicist, teacher, Canadian Rockies author, and accredited professional guide with the Interpretive Guides Association – and in conjunction with the Friends of Banff National Park, your Canadian Mountain Parks Companion features unmatched information about more than 250 mountains, lakes, and points of interest and includes 400+ magnificent pictures.

The Cookbookie App

Cookbookie allows you to search the indexes of your own cookbook collection!

Cookbookie makes it possible to search your own collection of books the way you search the internet. Cook from the chefs and authors that you know and love instead of untrusted recipes on the internet. You have thousands of dollars invested in your cookbooks so use them more often!! We’ve stored 100,000s of recipe indexes entries of the most popular cookbooks in our database for you to search and find at the click of a button!

The Enchanted Cave

Explore 100 levels of critter packed adventure, as you play the hero in a quest to reach a horde of treasure and a princess in distress.

Enchanted Cave is a classic adventure game with a casual play style. Equip your character with the best equipment and try and explore as deep into the cave as you can. If you run low on health, you can warp back to the beginning of the cave – but be warned, you will only get to keep the rarest of artifacts that you find.

Golf Bucks

Playing Golf for money made easy. This is the only scorecard application you need. GolfBucks keeps track of all your games including Corners, Nassau, Skins, Match, KP, presses, side bets, and more.

Play multiple games at once and leave the math to the application. GolfBucks takes care of handicap calculation and also tracks your own handicap.

  • Simple course entry
  • See at a glance game status and upcoming strokes
  • Keeps a record of games played
  • Track your handicap index

Text Tiles

How many words do you really know? Try and complete the words given just a few letters. Any word that matches will work – but – answer quickly or your time will run out.

Test your brain power against TextTiles in an onslaught of words and puzzles. In Rapid Fire mode you’ll be given the first three letters of a word. All you have to do is enter any word that matches to keep playing. With each lightning fast response, you’ll earn bonus points and extra time.

Ready for an even more finger twisting challenge? Try Puzzler mode, where you’ll be given a word definition and the first three letters. If you can guess the word that matches, you’ll move on to the next round.