About To Market Inc.

ToMarket is involved in a variety of businesses around the globe with the common thread through each of these businesses being marketing and bringing unique ideas and products To Market.

  • ToMarket owns, markets and promotes a variety of iPhone, iPad and Android apps.
  • ToMarket is heavily involved in the direct response – infomercial business. Currently ToMarket is a major partner in owning the North American rights to The Smartsealer (Bag Sealer) (www.smartsealer.tv) and Klin Tec (FridgeMat) (www.klintec.tv). Both products are currently being sold through infomercials in the United States and sold through a number of major retailers around the globe.
  • ToMarket is a major stake holder in The Event Group which is one of North Americas leading event management companies. The Event Group (www.eventgroup.ca) has been producing events across North America for the last 14 years and has had the privilege to work with talented performers such as Jerry Seinfeld, VP Al Gore, General Colin Powell, Ringo Starr, Bill Cosby, Paul Anka and many more.

ToMarket is involved in Angel Investing and is always looking for unique opportunities. If you’re interested in working with us please contact us info@tomarket.ca

ToMarket is dedicated to supporting the Canadian Legacy Project (www.canadianlegacy.org) which is a non-profit organization whose mandate is: To improve the lives of our disadvantaged youth, seniors and veterans and mobilize collective action in celebrating our legacy.